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WILD by Badger-HarleyQuinn13

This is absolutely stunning! I strongly admire your use of blending for the horse's coat and the way you highlighted it is absolutely d...

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Hiya everyone!!!!
I've recently been MIA XD I really apologize about that!!!! I prooooommiiiissseeee I'm back :3
So since it was August the last time any of you saw me, I decided to update this portion so I feel that I have grown and really come into myself as of late.
So hi gals and guys, I'm HannahMae, though you can call me whatever CX
I love reading, writing, painting, riding, general spoopyness, and just all sorts of craziness!
I have the most lovable Canadian in the whole world, three hermies, three dogs, two cats, a fish, and an ancient horsey XD I find myself saying same to much and am just general internet trash hahhahahaha! I'm really glad to be back and I hope to be getting to know all of you new faces (yes, I see you, and yes, I have stalked you XD), as well as all my old friends (well not old, y'all ain't old, well, ColorSplash is KINDA old XD). So yeah! That's a bit about me!!!!!!!!!!!! <()()() ICECREAM FOR ALLLLLL

"Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees."
-J. Willard Marriott
Enjoy :iconidontalwaysplz: :iconraptorlaplz:


All Lives Matter by Chasing-Colors
All Lives Matter
 Warning The following is my own personal opinion and I would advise you not to read if you get offended easily. Thank you and have a great day   

    I was at a concert the other day (you'll understand how I connected this story to this picture in a bit haha) and some protesters took the mic from the guy singing and started to scream into it black lives matter. Whilst their message was an important one, they carried it out in a horrible way and were, obviously, under the influence of something. Once Chance, the concert singer, got the mic back he said something that really touched me and I believe the crowd as well. All Lives Matter. It has been something I have been thinking about a lot lately with all the crazy violence going on in the news and I just felt the need to speak about it, whether people agree with me or not. 
People preach about equality and making the world equal, but then they go and scream racial slurs at one another. It is not enough to control one "color of race" and what they say to the "other". Isn't the message of equality about making us all equal? No matter what our skin color, our religions and ideologies, or whatever? Yes, there were wrongs in the past and those people are most likely dead or repenting and yes, there are wrongs happening now. But it is on both sides. Shouldn't we try to make it one side? Why do there even need to be sides? 
I guess coming from me, being a Caucasian, middle class, christian,straight, female, it doesn't particularly mean much. I am not in those positions of intolerance, I am in all technicality, the most excepted form that stereotypical society has created. I am fair skinned, I am pale eyed, and I have light hair. I am privileged and I know it. I have never been oppressed for being my race and no one has stopped me from walking somewhere because I don't "belong".  But that doesn't mean that I don't see the inequalities that reside within my own highscool. I am American, my life is pretty easy. But I still want evenness for all. I don't want bullying for those who like a girl or are over weight. It's stupid. 
The people protest so much that it creates a larger and larger gap. They aren't trying to create balance, they want to be on top. They want to treat those who have wronged them, with the same amount of violence. That is not equality! That is just tipping the scale in a different direction. Now you say that these new Tyrannous people are the Rex's of the world and they'll do right. But they are just another warlord. Just another person to be taken down when the scale tips again. Regression towards the mean. 
If you want peace, if you want evenness, if you want love for all; treat those people how you would like to be treated. Love yourself, love your friends, and love your enemy. Break the scale, because without a scale, nothing can tip, nothing can weigh more than the other. 
But this is not just towards other people, this is towards animals. We are all animals. So why put yourself above another. What makes us better? Because we have bigger brains? Because we can make tools and use them? Well so can a chimp. So if we judge along that scale, then let them run for president. Let them rule. 
Just because we have these evolutionary tools, does not make us better. A tiger's teeth are sharper than ours and she is probably much stronger than you and I. So why don't we let tigers be in our armies? Why don't we let them tear each other to shreds over an idea that will probably just bring more blood.
Because we think we're better, but we aren't. Everyone is adapted to do something and maybe it is not the same as another person, but that doesn't make you broken and him perfect. It makes you and he unique. 
It is true, you and I will never be the same. The mule and the horse will never be the same. But do they not pasture together because one is a crossbreed? No. They both have their skills and that is accepted. They have a hierarchy because yes, those are needed to be in place so things will run, but they do not think they are better because of it. It is just their genetic potential and what they strive to do. It is the same with us. Don't look down on someone else because you can type 60 words per minute and they can't even spell. Rather help them, help them achieve and to strive. Bring equality to the world. Because after all, All Lives Matter.

Commissions Open

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 2, 2013, 11:27 AM
Okay everyone, I now have commissions open to the public! I can do traditional and or digital and several different types of animals.
BG=Back Ground
Horses (Obviously)
People (Sometimes...)
Others (These are for certain people.)
Traditional Lineart: 4 points for anything…
Traditional Head Shot, Shaded: 6 points…
Traditional Full Body No BG: 8 points…
Traditional Full Body BG: 10 points…


Digital Lineart: 4 points…
Digital Head Shot, shaded: 6 points…
Digital Full Body, Flat: 6 points…
Digital Full Body, Shaded: 10 points…

(All Digital Come With A Background)

I will also write stories for your characters, those are only 1 point because I really, really enjoy writing and figuring other people's characters out!

Major Holidays: 50% Percent off of everything!

I hope you all would like a commission, they are very fun to do and I am also open for colabs! (Those are free)

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